Anytime is a Perfect Time to Gather Stories

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Where to Get New Story Ideas.

As you are going to events, shopping or watching tv, you will hear great stories and bits of stories that you can use in your own fiction or non fiction stories.  Take a small notebook with you and jot down, as you can, the parts that you could add to your file for possible ideas to help you get a new story going.  Some of the ideas can be combined to add to the characters you are creating. ex: a story you might hear about a child could be happening to your character in their childhood, something you saw or heard that was happening to a teenager could be the next thing in your stories timeline for your child character.  You can continue to build on the character and what happened through their life by adding the combination of events you are gathering from the variety of information you collected.  It can be fun to build out your story in this way.