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Step 3 To Becoming An Author

3. Not getting to know others in their market. Who else is writing about your topic? If you’re not sure, then you should do your research. Getting to know your fellow genre authors is not only important, but it can really help you with your marketing. How? Because most readers don’t just buy one self-help […]

Step 2 To Becoming An Author

2. Not having enough money. I see it all the time; authors spend all their money on the book process (book cover, editing, printing.) and then don’t have enough for the marketing. That’s like opening up a store and not having money to stock it with inventory. Before you jump headlong into publishing a book, […]

The Twelve Steps To Becoming An Author

Writing, publishing, promoting, publicizing. First you need to start out by doing the right things and knowing what can contribute to or set back your success. Keep in mind that while there is always a creative element, publishing requires a specific set of steps. It’s important to know your business to be successful. Consider these […]

Be A Best Selling Author

Is being a best selling author a secret desire of yours?  It is so simple if you just know the right steps to take. Within the next few weeks I will be looking for 15 people who want my help in accomplishing that goal.  Check back with me frequently to find out how you apply.