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Writing Resources

I have searched for tools to help you get started and finish your writing projects so you can be paid for your work. That is in addition to the satisfaction you receive when you see your work in print. Now I am putting them in one place so you can find them easily. See the […]

Creative Writing Journal – How Can A Creative Writing Journal Help My Creative Writing?

Do you wish you could have more creative writing ideas? Would you love to be able to write more easily, more abundantly, more deeply? The best way of being able to do this is by using a creative writing journal. A creative writing journal is simply a portable notebook or sketchbook you keep with you […]

Creative Writing Exercises & Creative Writing Prompts – What They DON’T Give You And How To Get It

Even the most experienced and seasoned creative writer can benefit from creative writing exercises and prompts. The key to continuing to grow and develop as a creative writer is to keep experimenting, trying new techniques, ideas and exercises to challenge yourself. Using a variety of different approaches and starting points in your creative writing will […]

When Did Writing Become Hard To Do?

When we go through more challenging and difficult times with our writing – those times when we find ourselves stuck, blocked, out of ideas – “fun” and “enjoyable” are some of the last words that come to mind to describe what we’re experiencing. So here are 5 of the most common reasons why we lose […]

Creative Writing – Are You Born A Creative Writer Or Can It Be Learnt?

Is creative writing something we can learn and develop? Or are we simply stuck with a fixed amount of creative writing talent we’re born with? Why do some people seem to find it easy to write pages and pages of wonderful flowing creative writing? While others gaze on eternally frustrated that they will never be […]

Creative Writing – It’s All About Experience!

For all those of you who think that writing is not your cup of tea, here’s an opportunity for you to question that statement. Creative writing is not just about the mind, it is something that comes from the heart as well. When you narrate stories that get people’s ears glued to them, these are […]

The Insider’s Guide To Writing A Book

There are so many strategies for writing ebooks and books that you just have to sort through and find the one that is a match for your writing style.  The most important thing is that you begin. If you have been considering doing a book of any type now is the time for you to […]

Writing Resources

I have gathered many excellent resources for you to help you improve your writing skills and just have more confidence as well as fun sharing. Most of the time my experience is that these are the tools that new and seasoned writers need to increase the enjoyment of writing. If you are seeing them for […]

Becoming A Writer

This process is not unlike becoming a butterfly.  The caterpillar transforms in the cacoon. The time it takes to develop can be from a few weeks up to several years. When the time is right the butterfly emerges.  When a new author, performer or a star arrives in the public awareness they are referred to as an […]

Write Once-Get Paid Over And Over

Many people I talk to…tell me if they could have one financial wish…it would be to become financially free… To create multiple streams of passive income that would make them “set for life.”   As a writer every written work you get paid to write or are selling yourself off line as well as online can […]