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Creative Writing- 5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Self-Confidence In Creative Writing

Creative Writing is something that everyone is capable of. And we can all improve our creative writing – and our enjoyment of it – in a great number of ways. One of the key factors to writing creatively and freely is confidence. It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a writer, if you lack […]

Rip Off Your Ragged Old Labels And Run Free

image: cynical pink Labels can be so useful. When you go and buy your food and groceries, you can pick out what you need easily by what’s on the label. Imagine going into the canned vegetables aisle of your local supermarket, and none of the tins having any labels. There are just shelves and shelves […]

Awesome Tips For Creative Writing

In this world of slander, liable and blacklist, there is little span for creativity, writing robotically is not an efficient way to allure the readers and retain their interest. Creative writing is the powerful tool that is used to express feelings and thoughts of a person in imaginative and poetic way rather than to covey […]

Creative Writing Exercises & Creative Writing Prompts – What They DON’T Give You And How To Get It

Even the most experienced and seasoned creative writer can benefit from creative writing exercises and prompts. The key to continuing to grow and develop as a creative writer is to keep experimenting, trying new techniques, ideas and exercises to challenge yourself. Using a variety of different approaches and starting points in your creative writing will […]

Creative Writing – Are You Born A Creative Writer Or Can It Be Learnt?

Is creative writing something we can learn and develop? Or are we simply stuck with a fixed amount of creative writing talent we’re born with? Why do some people seem to find it easy to write pages and pages of wonderful flowing creative writing? While others gaze on eternally frustrated that they will never be […]

Writing Can Improve Your Memory

Every time you reconstruct a memory, reminisce or re-read a story you have written about an event you experienced, you are actually strengthening the neurological pathway for that memory.  This helps prevent it’s loss. “What we believe about ourselves is determined by what we remember about our pasts.”  Daniel L Schacter You can improve your […]

Another Book Off To The Publisher

When you are writing online your format is different than when you are having a book published off line whether that is self publishing or having a publisher doing that for you. Most people use Microsoft Word to write documents and the default page size is the 8 1/2 X 11.  If you also want […]

What Are Options For Your Writing

Ebooks are one of the ways you can add  into your strategy to share your work with others.  Electronic publishing is easy to do and your reader can just download the file so they have instant access to your work. (After they pay, of course) In addition you can self publish a small quantity of […]

You Can Learn To Write

You can learn how to write using tools such as the ACCELERATED Creative Writing System and the Creative Writing Strategies Workbook.  Both of these tools are directed to helping you learn which area of writing you want to do and then how to improve in that area. Get your Creative Writing Strategies Workbook  where you […]

The Explaination For Ditzyfritzing

I have taught adult education for many years and in one class I had a lot of the students who were fooling around, chatting and not getting their work done.  I had tried all of the usual encouragements for them to get back on track and go back to their project and nothing seemed to […]