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Have Fun Doing Your Creative Writing

Creativity comes out of your right brain and is often overshadowed by your left brain which is logical and analytical.  It is your job to find ways to tap into your right brain so you can get to the creativity and tap into your inner author.  The right brain likes fun, games, music, laughter, being […]

Today’s Buzz Words Are Creative Writing Strategies

My name is Marjorie J McDonald and I have had the opportunity over the past years to teach creativity in writing.  My online exercises for those who need to learn which area of writing they want to do can be found at and for those who know your topic area are ready to begin writing […]

Writing About Hopes and Dreams

Traditional resolutions as you go into any new year have us pointed in the wrong direction-looking back. For today-let’s look forward instead to what you might be wanting to realize and set the stage for this by prefacing the specifics of what you want to see with one of these following “launch pad” statements. “It would […]

Writing With a Creative Twist

Many times writing takes a creative and unexpected twist.  These skills allow us to stay interested and wanting to find out what happens next.  Watch everyday and see where in life things happened that were unexpected.  You can gather information from news stories, tv programs, conversations, books and magazines.  Just be alert and you can […]

Where Do I Start My Conversation?

Conversational writing is one of the fastest ways to become comfortable with learning to put your thoughts onto paper and for you to experience the joy of writing.  As you are telling your story in this manner, it becomes fun and easy.  When writing this way the words flow from your heart.  Because they are […]