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Step 2 To Becoming An Author

2. Not having enough money. I see it all the time; authors spend all their money on the book process (book cover, editing, printing.) and then don’t have enough for the marketing. That’s like opening up a store and not having money to stock it with inventory. Before you jump headlong into publishing a book, […]

The Twelve Steps To Becoming An Author

Writing, publishing, promoting, publicizing. First you need to start out by doing the right things and knowing what can contribute to or set back your success. Keep in mind that while there is always a creative element, publishing requires a specific set of steps. It’s important to know your business to be successful. Consider these […]

How To Make Money Writing Articles

You probably have knowledge and expertise in your own field that others would pay for, in order to have quality content for their own newsletters. This method requires good writing skills, or you can hire a professional editor to help you. It also requires you master the art of marketing on the web in order […]

Have You Started Writing Yet?

If your goal it to start writing and possibly make a few extra dollars for your written work, my question to you is have you started writing yet or are you continuing to find other things in your life that get in the way? Your Choice Money orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrNo Money

Writing Resources

I have gathered many excellent resources for you to help you improve your writing skills and just have more confidence as well as fun sharing. Most of the time my experience is that these are the tools that new and seasoned writers need to increase the enjoyment of writing. If you are seeing them for […]

Write a Message Your Reader Can Connect With

Writing is a way the the author and the readers connect with each other over a message. If an article, eBook or book’s message is strong enough and is shared by many, it can create change. If they like your writing style they will want to read more from you. There are many people who […]

Write Once-Get Paid Over And Over

Many people I talk to…tell me if they could have one financial wish…it would be to become financially free… To create multiple streams of passive income that would make them “set for life.”   As a writer every written work you get paid to write or are selling yourself off line as well as online can […]

Reasons To Write

For my blog visitors, I hope all is well.  As an author and publisher, I believe writers have an opportunity to preserve their thoughts, experiences, creativity and expertise in print, as well as other forms of media.  We all have a story to tell for others to receive encouragement, inspiration, education, entertainment, and more.  Writing is […]

The Joy Of Reading

I have always enjoyed reading.  There is so much to choose from out of the topics that I commonly want to add more to my knowledge base about. I really like the diversity of the approach to the information and frequently find that I can improve my use of the topic information by adding sometimes […]

Writing News Flash

Everyone thinks that their problems are unique. They take them in, internalize them and fester on them. They must be unique because if they weren’t they could just find out what someone else did to fix it and do that. As we grow up we are programmed not to talk about our problems and hence […]