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Write From Your Core

Live and write from your sweet spot: the place where your core values intersect with your core talents + life experiences. Experience greater fulfillment by discovering your writing purpose. By that I mean what you want to share with others. Books like Chicken Soup For The Soul and magazines like Reader’s Digest and Guideposts are […]

Joy Of Writing

There is a joy in writing about things that are going on in your life or in the lives of others.  It is all about the sharing.  Think of the feeling you get when you get a card, a letter, an email or hand written note shared across coffee, lunch, dinner or even across time. […]

Writing Can Equal Remembering

Whenever you are going through old stored things that you haven’t seen for awhile you find written items. It can be  correspondence in the form of old letters, job reviews, invitations, newspaper or magazine articles or a variety of other documentation. Some of these items can bring back many memories both good and bad.  You might not want […]

Moving Adventures

Last fall I was notified that I had to move both my business and home so the complex I was in could renovate.  Not much time to sort and go through the things I had accumulated over the time I had been there so it was off to find a new location and begin the […]

Get Your Holidays Writing Ready

In your family, you have a collection of stories about your history and about the things that were important to you through the years.  This is a great time to begin to collect those stories as you are spending time together during the holiday season.  Gather, edit and put into a collection of your family […]

Writing For The Fun Of It

Years ago, before the Internet, writing letters was a very popular form of communication. People looked forward to receiving letters from their friends and family. The longer the letter, the more fun it was to enjoy the information that the other family member or friend was sharing. I remember that in our family we selected […]

Writing About Celebrating Special Days

Everyone has an assortment of special days.  They might be birthdays, anniversaries,  graduation days, family reunions, days special events occurred in your life or holidays. Pick one for yourself and record how you spent or spend your special days and see if those events make the event more memorable to you as you review what happened […]

Writing To Preserve Your History

As we look around us, if we look closely,  it becomes apparent that things have changed over time. To look back in the history of our family or our country it becomes even more apparent how much change has occurred.  Some families have a person who keeps a formal record of the happenings in the […]

Using Events To Kick Start Your Writing

March is Women’s History Month in the Unites States.  It is a time for celebrating women’s heritage and inspiring stories.  Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes and keeping family treasures safe. Using that as your theme,  even you men, can […]

Writing About Perfect Moments

I really enjoy listening to or reading about people talking about special moments in their lives. Most everyone has special memories that they reflect back on in times of plenty or in times of difficulty.  Athletes train for hours, months, years–all in search of the “zone”.  Philosophers ponder for years to come up with life’s […]