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Writing About Solutions

Problems that you can solve with your writing are like alligators: Stage 1: They are born small. Stage 2: They get big, strong and smart. Stage 3: They intimidate. Stage 4: They can live a long time. Start writing and sharing your problem solving skills as soon as you discover that your approach worked. Your […]

Writing News Flash

Everyone thinks that their problems are unique. They take them in, internalize them and fester on them. They must be unique because if they weren’t they could just find out what someone else did to fix it and do that. As we grow up we are programmed not to talk about our problems and hence […]

Finding Time To Write

        Prairie dog families live in underground colonies called burrows. The burrows can be more than a hundred feet (30 meters) long and have many different compartments (at bottom) where the prairie dogs sleep, raise their young, and stay safe from predators. They are part of the squirrel family and multiply very […]

Writing Can Equal Remembering

Whenever you are going through old stored things that you haven’t seen for awhile you find written items. It can be  correspondence in the form of old letters, job reviews, invitations, newspaper or magazine articles or a variety of other documentation. Some of these items can bring back many memories both good and bad.  You might not want […]

Moving Adventures

Last fall I was notified that I had to move both my business and home so the complex I was in could renovate.  Not much time to sort and go through the things I had accumulated over the time I had been there so it was off to find a new location and begin the […]

Writing About Real Life Schemes and Scams Make Good Plot Twists

Around every corner you can find a scheme or scam.  They are all over the news in every area, every field and often in unexpected places. These make perfect content for plots and twists in your plot when you begin to write.  One statement that I remember clearly is “truth is stranger than fiction”  I […]

Stretch Yourself as a Creative Writer

Being a good writer means that you can take just a few stories and turn them into many stories just by changing the way you write about the subject matter.  What you add or subtract from the content you have in front of you to give it a new twist.  Change a story you have […]

It’s Been an Amazing Day to Write

Some days you can be inspired by so many things that you can write about and then have to choose what you want to write and how much you want to write.  That is a great time for you to jot yourself a few notes about the topics so you can pick one out to write about later […]

Anytime is a Perfect Time to Gather Stories

As you are going to events, shopping or watching tv, you will hear great stories and bits of stories that you can use in your own fiction or non fiction stories.  Take a small notebook with you and jot down, as you can, the parts that you could add to your file for possible ideas […]