Creative Ideas – How to Encourage Your Creative Ideas to Come Out and Party All Night!

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Do you struggle to have enough good creative ideas?

The trouble with creative ideas is they’re often a little shy. And a little nervous.

They need coaxing and encouraging, and don’t tend to rush up in a clown costume with blaring trumpets going “LA LA LA we’re heee-errrre!” to any party they’re invited (or not invited) to.

You have to create the right kind of conditions for the ideas to form, so they feel safe and respected and valued.

This may sound a bit of a soft focus fuzzy edged kind of approach to having ideas, but it works!

If you just sit down with an empty notebook and pencil, and say: “right, there’s a blank page, in fact a whole BOOK of blank pages, come on you ideas, fill it up!” then not very much is likely to happen. Remember how shy they are?

For them this would be like arriving early at a party, feeling awkward that none of your friends have arrived yet, struggling to make small talk with people you seem to have nothing in common with and swearing next time you’ll arrive two hours after the party’s started!

So how can you get the ideas to flow, to come out of hiding, to know only come to the party, but to have a great time?

You simply write. Write whatever comes, it doesn’t matter how you begin. You could start by writing out your shopping list, or writing “I don’t know where to begin” ten times. What matters is that you do begin.

What happens then, is the blank pages start to fill with words, and all those ideas waiting in your mind for a good opportunity to come out to play, start to think “Hey this looks like fun, there’s lots of people gathering, we won’t be the first in and feel awkward. Let’s go!”

So they begin to appear. And appear.

You see, we’re all creative, and far more so than we think we are. We can’t turn off our creativity, but we can neglect it, ignore it, or not welcome it.

Back to writing in your notebook, and the ideas will start to flow before you realise it. As soon as you have a few words down, your creative mind will make other associations and connections with those words, images will form in your mind, you’ll write those down and pretty soon they’ll start to snowball.

A bit like a few people going along to a party, realising how brilliant it is, and calling up all their other friends to come along too. This is how creative ideas are connected, they attract and breed off each other, so the more you write, the more will be queuing up to join the fun!

Of course the same principle applies what ever your preferred creative media. Once you get started, the ideas will start flocking to your party in droves!

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