Creative Writing- 3 Key Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Creative Writing Potential

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A great number of us have creative writing talents far greater than we realise.

But despite this, most of us simply aren’t writing creatively anywhere near as well, as much, or as often as we could be.

Why is this? Surely if we truly want to write creatively it’ll just naturally flow?

There are many reasons why we don’t reach our potential. Here are 3 of the most common, and some top tips on how to overcome them:

1. You haven’t found your best writing format. Everyone has their favourite methods of writing, the ones in which we’re comfortable and competent in. Maybe yours is short stories, or poems, or novels.

But often we continue to write in this format because we feel it’s all we know how to do, it just comes automatically. Though we feel we’ve got much more potential to be discovered, we can’t seem to unlock it through this form of writing we’re used to.

Top Tips to try: Try different types of writing, those you’d never even consider, those you’ve never tried before, those you haven’t even discovered yet. You might find a new form that lets you unleash that creative potential like never before.

At the very least, you’ll return to your main writing medium a richer, more experienced creative writer.

2. You don’t write often enough. What not-so-secret method helps a creative writer improve more than anything else? Writing!

If you’re only writing once in a while and have serious ambitions to develop your creative writing potential, you’ll simply have to write more widely, more deeply and more often. There’s no avoiding it!

Top Tips to try: Regularity is the key. Commit to writing for a small period of time every day for 14 days. You could start with just 10 minutes, but make sure you stick to it every day.

Write a few paragraphs on a new piece of work each day or just whatever’s in your thoughts at the time. The crucial part is to write consistently every day, then you can build up the amount gradually.

3. You don’t believe in your creative ability. On the surface you appear to be writing at a good standard and at a healthy steady rate of output.

But inside you long to burst out of the familiar straightjacket and let your creative writing talent run wild. What stops you? On a deep level you simply don’t believe you’ve got it in you.

Top Tips to try: Think about what you truly believe about your creative writing ability. Write down all your beliefs around your creative writing ability. If you find you actually don’t believe you’re capable of taking your writing to a new level, you’ll never progress.

Start to adopt the beliefs that are consistent with someone who reaches a little closer to their creative potential every day. Think about what someone who’s confident and creative believes about themselves and take on those beliefs yourself.

These are just 3 of the most common reasons why we don’t reach our potential for writing creatively.

Pick one that you identify with and try the tips suggested to help you become a better creative writer TODAY.

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