Creative Writing-How To Improve Quickly

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

When you think about a topic you want to write about, occasionally your mind can go into high gear with thoughts related to that topic.  When you get the first thought, jot it down and set that paper aside.  Repeat that process for each thought you get about the topic. 

When you actually have time to put the words into an article or story you can then sort through the informaion and put like thoughts together and present your perspective about that information using that point of view.  You might have a number of different groups of information so you can write numerous articles or stories showing various perspectives regarding the information.  Notice which point of view seems to feel more comfortable to you.  This is a valuable bit of information for you to gather.

If you will allow yourself to approach information from many different directions, your ability to write will improve quickly and often dramatically.  So will your satisfaction about your ability to write and communicate an idea.  The clarity in presentation of the informaion will be reflected in your number of readers who will connect with the different approaches too. 

That adds to your fun in writing which then encourages you to want to write more.  It’s a wonderful cycle so pick a topic and give it a try.  See how many different articles or stories you can put together from one topic.  Then put these articles or stories in like best to like least order. 

Put a word count on the top of the page.  Who knows when someone might approach you and say  “I need a story that is 250 words about ____”.  You can then quickly go through your stash of articles or stories and select the point of view that would be perfect for that event or application. 

Less thinking about what people will think and more writing showing different perspectives will take you to a totally different level in your writing, quickly improving your ability and giving you a confidence boost at the same time.