Creative Writing Made Easy With So Many Choices

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy.

Writing is one of the most fun things you can do to record your ideas, stories, adventures and happenings in your life.  You are able to write from your own perspective and share with others how you are moving through the events in your life.  You can never know how many others can benefit from your approach and problem solving abilities.

Often we never consider that how we solved a situation might help someone else.  I am always surprised at the thank your I get from other people when I share.  Underestimating our influence on others can keep you from thinking that what you might say is important and that often leads to not sharing.

If you could just have an idea that what and how much of what you share could help and impact others it might be easier to sit down and write out your story.  Someone somewhere might have made you feel that your ideas were not of value to others so if that is what happened, it might be harder to share your ideas.  Consider that those people are not able to continue to keep you from writing if you really want to share your thoughts.  I would encourage you to begin and see if you can put your ideas down on paper.  I laugh when people talk but do not want to write.  I guess they think that if it is said and someone challenges them they can deny it but if it is in writing they can’t.

The best thing to do if you are nervous that someone might criticize your work is write it down and put it on your shelf.  At least you will have it in writing so you can enjoy it.  Then at some time if you want to share with others you can.  If it really is hard for you to share your work, write under a pen name and that way you will be out of the picture for people to fuss at.

If you are finding you want to write but just can’t get to it, you might be experiencing writers block.