Creative Writing-Top This Story

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.

One of the ways to increase your creativity in writing is to begin with a story you are familiar with and have heard perhaps in your family.  At family gatherings, be alert to the stories that are being told and see if you can glean a plot for your next story by adding embellishments.

Use the basic information and apply the type of writing you prefer to it to see if it could be a finished story with the changes you have made or are making.  For example: If a child liked to play with a father’s keys you could have a nice mystery if the keys became missing. You could build on the mystery as you gave the details of where everyone looked, what actually or in your embellished version happened and how the story was solved.

Keep the details of the original version intact and use your embellished top this versions separate so you are keeping the family history in place as you are borrowing the basic story to embellish.  Have fun and see what you can do as you are increasing your creativity in this manner.