Getting Your Point Across When You Write

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

What is the action you want your reader to take after reading what you have presented to them in your writing?  What additional information about that topic would support the action and then create the response of the reader taking that action?

Sort for the exact explaination about the topic that will present the information in as clear a manner as is possible in as few words as you can say.  If you can be that concise in addressing the exact result you want, what you are writing will get your point across easily and quickly. 

Try it on a number of subjects.  Write an explaination and then rewrite it and try to reduce the number of words.  Next, take that explaination and see if you can reduce the number of words even further.  Keep practicing.  This is such a valuable skill to develop. 

When you learn how to be concise in your writing you will then know where you can occasionally add to what you are communicating to improve the content.