How Stories Can Present Opportunities

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Increase confidence in your writing skills.

There are many types of stories. Not all start out with once upon a time.   A  few examples are adversity and how you overcame the obstacles.  Stories about how to make the best choice, stories about life and your approach to what you are experiencing.  There are many ways to transfer information.  Think about how a story might be helpful for you to give others information that they can then use in their lives.

You get better over time and with practice so find every opportunity to practice.  It will be quickly apparent that you are making progress one way or another.  No one can crank start you to share your story so  it will have to be your responsibility to take action.  That might mean you have to look at your internal drive to share your story and you will need to look at your list of excuses about why you are not moving forward if you say you want to write and are not doing it. (You know what your favorites are.  No money, no time, too busy)  We all find the time and the money to do exactly what we choose to do and/or want to do.  Avoid the big disconnects, saying one thing and doing something else.

Once you gain your self knowledge about what is important to you in your life and what you want to share, you can fine tune the point you want to share with the story you tell.  More people can then connect with you.  An extra benefit is that you will have amazing satisfaction that you were able to complete the process and finish your story, then share it.

So telling your story presents the opportunity to tell your story and also to determine where you are and how you can use that knowledge to move forward and tell your story at the same time. It is a look inside you and then how you share that to the outside world.