How To Get Started With Your Writing

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy, How to Start Writing, Increase confidence in your writing skills.

Everyone that I speak to has a desire to write a book.  When I ask them what they will write about I usually get I don’t know, I just feel like I should write a book.

If you are in the same place, I have several suggestions for you to help you get started as you are learning what type of writing you want to do by doing the exercises you have signed up to do and get better at it.

The inner author is in in the right side of the brain and likes to do fun things, listen to music, likes colors and is very spontaneous.  If you are trying to write using your left brain which is logical and likes facts, details and structure, you will find learning to write will be a difficult process unless you are writing technical papers.

If you feel at any time that you are struggling to get started take a break, put on some music or start scribbling with colored markers.  That will help you pop over into the right brain and writing will be easier immediately.

Carry a note pad with you and jot down the ideas that come to mind about things you could write about. Just record the idea and put the notebook away so you can go on with your day. Later when you have a few minutes to write you can refer to your notes.

Another great idea is to start writing short paragraphs and get paid to do that. If you can spend 5 minutes a day while you are learning how to determine what type of writing you like and be paid to do that it will be more fun for you to learn and you will be more motivated to do your exercises every day. For help in getting started check here.