I Will Write When I Get Around To It

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.

Years ago we used to have coin shaped wooden pieces that had tuit written on one side. They were for those people who always said I’ll do when I get around to it. Are you saying that to yourself about any thing you are wanting to do but just have not worked into your schedule yet?

Consider that we always make time for those things we really want to do so the question now becomes do you want to write or are you just saying that is what you want to do for whatever reason you are proclaiming you want to write? If it is writers block you are dealing with, you can get help with that at many places on and off line.

If you are just blowing smoke as they often say about words spoken that one never intends to follow through with, now or ever, but they sound good at the time, it is time to change your position and do it or stop talking about it.

We can find many excuses for why we are not able to do something and can let the time slip right through our fingers and never get it done. Start planning and begin writing on what you want to share with the world. You will never be able to recoop the lost time but you can certainly make up for it by beginning and staying with your writing now. You have no idea how many people you can help with what you consider trivial. It might just be the exact solution they are needing and looking to find.

Start by writing 3-5 minutes at a time. Then put those few sentences aside for later. Do this every chance you get every day and soon you will have sufficient content to write very comprehensively about your topic. You will be amazed how those mini writing sessions can add up to tell your story and then some. It really feels great to have enough content to edit some out that is good but not really adding to the whole.

Think about the round tuit wooden coin and how many things you have said that about and begin to find the courage to get beyond the excuses and get your projects done writing or anything else you are putting off. You now officially have a round tuit so your excuse is officially over. Be brave, big breath and go for it.

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