Is Perfectionism Keeping You From Writing?

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How to Start Writing.

If you are continuing to talk about writing a book, it’s time for you to stop talking and start doing. I’ll give you an outline of how I work with my clients.

I have my client commit to a date 4 weeks from today (yes, I actually have them pull out their calendar and select the date right then and there) and begin to get their outline together for the content. Before anything else is done and before they leave the appointment this part is in place. You, like my clients, already know what you want to write about so the content outline step is easy.

What are my clients’ reactions? Yup, you guessed … “YIKES! I need to get in gear and get things going! I’m publishing my ebook in 4 weeks!!!”

Amazingly, everything always gets done. The content is written, finished, the sales letter or offer page is completed if they are marketing their ebook online and they have a list of other marketing sources lined up to help promote the ebook. Interestingly,everything is always easily completed before the launch date. I call this being PULLED forward by your marketing, instead of being a victim of perfection paralysis or saying I will get around to it later and continuing to procrastinate.

It is always easier to start with a finish date and work back to the beginning of a project. It allows you to plan for sufficient time to get everything completed. If you move forward from the beginning toward the end, something will usually happen to keep you from staying on track. That very well may be the reason you have not been able to complete your book before now.

I have found using the technique of moving from the end back toward the beginning to be particularly effective in writing but I have used it for many other event planning activities. It is a very successful and productive technique.

Set your date, get started with your writing and push toward forward your finish line.