Joy Of Writing

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Creative Writing Made Easy, Memories to write about.

There is a joy in writing about things that are going on in your life or in the lives of others.  It is all about the sharing.  Think of the feeling you get when you get a card, a letter, an email or hand written note shared across coffee, lunch, dinner or even across time.

In a few days it will be Valentine’s Day.  Typically that is more of a day to share with written remembrances but recently as I moved and sorted through boxes I found notes from my mother who has passed away and it was really special to go through those notes and remember what was going on during the time she wrote the note to me. What a great way to connect with her memory.

Think about those special communications you have received over your life and maybe even write a short story sharing your thoughts about what you got.  You can tuck it away or you can share with others. 

 A very popular movie that I see being shown on television is The Notebook which is about love letters written that the man now shares (by reading) with his wife who has Alzheimer’s and is having trouble remembering sometimes even her husband.

How can you brighten someone elses day?