Learn and Use The Power of Words

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

In every language there are a basic number of words that are used to communicate with others.  In American English the basic word count is 7,615.  It could be fun for you to determine what that number is for your primary language. 

So how did I get to 7,615 words?  Well, my mother was an extraordinary elementary teacher and developed a Spelling, Penmanship and Creative Writing Program that she taught.  The average improvement of the student in their language skills was 3-4 years in just the 1 year they were in her classroom.  (Achievement test documented)  She just had an amazing skill in being able to make it fun to learn language. The system she developed was simple as well as effective. 

That’s where I learned how to appreciate words and how using words could improve the quality of my life.  It was so valuable to connect to and continue to use those basic tools.  Now I am sharing those tools with others, children and adults alike.  We all need to become more powerful in our ability to communicate which leads to connection with others.

If you are just learning American English, it will be easy for you to begin and quickly progress if you have a place to start and then a method to build your word list.  It is more important to get the basics in place than to speak with words that others do not understand unless they go to a dictionary for the definition. 

If you already speak American English, the system will allow you to become more powerful in your daily communication to others.  The basics are where you want to focus and let others use the fancy words or the dollar words we used to say. 

You recognize those when you have to look them up to get the  definition and then try to apply the meaning to what the writer was saying.  It becomes problematic when you have to look up very many words in a communication.  With our busy schedules, we often just put that aside and go on to other writing where we can quickly and easily read and understand. 

Once you get the basic word foundation in place writing is easy to do.  It is another form of talking so let yourself enjoy the process of putting those words down on paper.  Use everything you can in your explaination to your reader to communicate with the reader about your topic.  Make it easy for them to get the concept you are sharing with them.  That is when the words become powerful to you and in addition to your reader.