Moving Adventures

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Memories to write about, Where to Get New Story Ideas.

Last fall I was notified that I had to move both my business and home so the complex I was in could renovate.  Not much time to sort and go through the things I had accumulated over the time I had been there so it was off to find a new location and begin the project. 

Many funny as well as annoying stories occurred as the process unfolded and is still going on.  I am seeing an end though and the extra effort that I put into going through and sorting and seeing what could be thrown away has been worth the effort.

See if you can think of  the last time you moved and select a topic to write about.  It can be any slant you would like to use funny, sad, disgusting, etc.  There are always assorted ways to look at things as you recall as many of the details as you can remember.