Number One Writing Tip-Learn To Write When You Are Excited!

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The best writing advice ever told is writing about what you know. Yes, the best advice is writing what you are passionate about, you know, what really excites you.

I hate to write when I am bored. I know or suspect the reader would feel the same. That is why the reader will never see such writing, at least from me. It is best to write when you are excited as the article below describes so beautifully.
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Writing When You Are Excited
Author: Designer Marjorie J McDonald

I am over the top excited about some things that are going on in my life and remembered the feeling and how easy it was in the past to write when I was experiencing this feeling. I felt like I just had to share what was happening with the people in my life who could get excited with me.

Try thinking back and see if you can tap into a time when you were experiencing this same type of excitement energy and use it to write a story about an event or happening. It can add so much to the story and help your reader experience the same thing as if they were with you at the same time it was happening to you. The connection to the reader gets better as well as stronger when you can help them experience this same kind of energy. It is fun to be excited and it is fun to be around excited people or attending exciting events.
See what part of the event stands out, what part of the events are more of a blur and those parts of the event that happened but you do not remember them at all. Capture the same feeling for a character you are writing about in a fiction story.
Put in the same things you remember that your character can experience. It adds so much to your story line when that excitement can be shared through writing about it and then, as an extra bonus, including how you felt about it from an observer point of view.
By engaging your reader at this level it also increases your satisfaction when you get the feedback that the reader was able to connect and feel the same way you did when you were writing the story. An amazing feeling of how words can be powerful in the connection and sharing process.

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