Writing Is A Form Of Talking

by Marjorie J ~

Writing is just another form of talking.  Having a conversation on paper is something we are familiar with because we have seen books and magazines.  You can start your own conversation on paper with ease by pretending to tell your story as if the reader was in your presence as you are writing.  The only difference is when writing the details down you have to add descriptions that you could, in real life, show to the listener.  Add feelings about the event you are sharing and be sure to make it fun for yourself as you explain to the reader all of the information that will make the story clear to them.

Start Your Writing Project NOW

by Marjorie J ~

Capture first, edit later.

If you spend ages in the pre-planning and trying to set up perfect conditions before your start a writing project, it’s less and less likely you will be able to create freely and without over thinking everything.

Over thinking will get you into all of those old patterns of

  • who do I think I am
  • why would anyone read my writing
  • what if_________  you probably have a long list like everyone else

and those old patterns will stop you quicker than anything else. DO NOT let that happen to you.

If you do not want to write to make money then just write to get the information out of your head and onto paper so you do not have to keep it in your head. It clutters up your thinking and we get enough interference in your lives so encourage yourself not to let this continue to happen to you.

There are so many resources in that area in the navigation bar above so get started. Get the help you need instead of continuing to think you will get it on your own.  If you are not writing, you are stuck. The resources area will help you get unstuck and get going.

Read the first sentence again!   Capture first, edit later.

Stop trying to be a perfectionist and get going with your writing projects NOW!

Write About Memory Flashbacks

by Marjorie J ~

I recently went for a walk in the new area where I live to see some of the sights that were near my new home. Coming to a field of grass and clover, I had a flashback to lying in a field next to my childhood home.

It was a beautiful summer day and I was enjoying the day contemplating the wind in the grass while listening to the family laugh while mom finished getting the picnic ready.

This was a happy memory of spending time with the family and the fun we had that day. It would make a great beginning to a story that could be shared with the family.

Memories of events have great value for your documentation of your family history. When you have a memory, start to write about it as if you were still there experiencing it.

When and where might you have a memory from the past that you can begin to write about?

Writing Breakthrough

by Marjorie J ~

It has been a great week- but it reminded me how fragile we are as humans – and how even if all we aspire to is comfort and happiness, our minds try to protect us  and move us back to that comfort zone whenever we try to move outside of the zone where it feels we are safe.

Where this week have you found yourself starting then stopping on a writing goal or project? Did you write a few pages then suddenly get too busy with other things to get back to it or to finish it?  It happens so often with life that we can miss the signs of stopping ourselves just before we make the big breakthroughs.

Things to be alert for:

  • If you are writing fiction as you are getting close to the finish are you beginning to feel sadness that you will soon be losing your friends who are the characters in your story?
  • Then that pesky little nagging doubt of what if I have spent all of this time and no-one wants to read what I wrote.
  • Then you might feel like you might be criticized by anyone who reads your material and you know how much you dislike being criticized.
  • Then you might feel like you do not know how you will take it if you are rejected by publishers, readers, friends or family members who you asked to read your material and give you feedback.

Many aspiring authors have a goal to get 100 rejection letters when they first start to write and instead of being discouraged when they arrive, they see it as just another step in getting to the goal of 100. It becomes a positive rather than a negative.

So my question for you is:
How are you ever going to get up to the requisite 100 rejections if you do not apply yourself to finishing what you started to write, selling it yourself or online or submitting manuscripts?

I am sure you know it is a numbers game. If you are not receiving a multitude of rejections, then your writing efforts are producing minimal results.

You could be the next big thing but if nobody is considering your work, how will you ever find out?

Here is the deal–it is so easy to reside in a comfort zone – unwilling to receive feedback that might shatter the dream that you might find it easier to stop going for it than risk going for it and not succeeding.

But it has to be done.

Bumping into a fabulous contact in an elevator who can rocket you to fame and fortune would be nice but happens so infrequently that you must find a different strategy for being discovered.

You have to do what other writers have done since the beginning of communicating with others through writing: self publishing or submitting to publishers,agents and editors continually.

Start–finish–have work reviewed–self-publish or submit to others who might publish–then do it again. The more you repeat, the more you will move toward your dream of becoming an author.

Writing About Your Summer Activities

by Marjorie J ~

Summer is busy with all kinds of activities. A good source for writing about the activity or your enjoyment of the activity.

If you are active in a sport, you could write about the history of the sport, how it has changed over the years, why you enjoy it, about the other fans of the sport and some of their reasons for enjoying the sport.

There is just a wealth of information about why you enjoy the sport and got started in participating actively or from the stands as you are watching others and cheering them on.

Let others know why they might enjoy the sport also and where they might be able to learn to do the sport or participate in being a fan of the sport.

From every angle you could tell about this topic so get your writing tools ready to go and get started on sharing with others. It will increase your skills at writing and being able to communicate the details about the topic so others can understand the sport and then can decide if they can share in your passion for the sport.

Writing Needs A Plan

by Marjorie J ~

How successful would you be at playing a game if you had no idea what the rules were? How successful would you be at arriving at a destination if you had no map, no directions, no compass, and all the road signs were written in a foreign language? How could you build a house without a set of plans or bake a cake without the recipe?

Well, writing is like a game with rules, a journey with a destination, a house built with a plan, and a cake that follows a recipe.

If you are not having success with your writing and want to have help look here or here to see what might be stopping you.

Write About How You Celebrate Your Holidays

by Marjorie J ~

Just a few days ago the USA celebrated the fourth of July which is their independence day celebration. Oh, the picnics, concerts and fireworks that were on the schedule. Lots of good material to write about: from family traditions to favorite outings to favorite foods.

I remember hearing that the hot dog eating champion won again by eating over 50 hot dogs on buns in just a very short time.  Wow, I wonder how that competition got started? Now there is a story!

From eating competitions to parades in all of that activity, there are things to write about. So get those writing instruments out and enjoy jotting down the details of your favorite holiday and the things that make it special to you.

We are always looking for a good story, and who knows, maybe your favorite will become a favorite of others as well.

How To Get Started With Your Writing

by Marjorie J ~

Everyone that I speak to has a desire to write a book.  When I ask them what they will write about I usually get I don’t know, I just feel like I should write a book.

If you are in the same place, I have several suggestions for you to help you get started as you are learning what type of writing you want to do by doing the exercises you have signed up to do and get better at it.

The inner author is in in the right side of the brain and likes to do fun things, listen to music, likes colors and is very spontaneous.  If you are trying to write using your left brain which is logical and likes facts, details and structure, you will find learning to write will be a difficult process unless you are writing technical papers.

If you feel at any time that you are struggling to get started take a break, put on some music or start scribbling with colored markers.  That will help you pop over into the right brain and writing will be easier immediately.

Carry a note pad with you and jot down the ideas that come to mind about things you could write about. Just record the idea and put the notebook away so you can go on with your day. Later when you have a few minutes to write you can refer to your notes.

Another great idea is to start writing short paragraphs and get paid to do that. If you can spend 5 minutes a day while you are learning how to determine what type of writing you like and be paid to do that it will be more fun for you to learn and you will be more motivated to do your exercises every day. For help in getting started check here.

Write About How You See Life

by Marjorie J ~

Each person has a different perspective about life and makes decisions about how happy they are based on those perceptions and decisions.

Find a subject or topic you like and write a short article about why your view of the world is the one everyone should follow. This type of writing will give you a debate perspective and your objective with that is to convince your audience that your perspective is correct and they should change their mind.

Then, for fun, see if you can write about why this perspective is wrong and people should not follow it.

You can learn a great deal while doing this type of writing and in sharing both sides of the subject matter.  See where points from each side could be put together to form a new way of looking at life and creating a new perspective that would work better for anyone who might want to accept the combined perspective.

As usual, have fun and keep your writing interesting to you as well as to your reader.

Write About “My Car Needs What?”

by Marjorie J ~

As you have had your car serviced you may have had the person at the service desk come to you and tell you that your car needed ____________repairs and your cost to have this done would be___________. Sometimes they tell you that the repair needs to be done immediately or_______.

Write a short story about if this has happened to you and what you decided to do. Your story could be humorous or a drama depending on what happened to you

It will also give you the steps that you go through to decide on things that need to be done to maintain your car and sharing your written list could help others in evaluating so they just get what is needed instead of many additional items that were not needed.

I always value information that someone who is knowledgeable gives when what I need the information about is not something that I know much about. Having expert resource information has saved me a considerable amount of money and kept me from having totally unnecessary repairs.

Make your list-Share it with others if you are in the know and ask lots of questions if you are the one who is asking for help.

It can also be a good idea to get a second opinion when this happens unless you are really confident in your repair facility.