Quickly Increasing Your Writing Skills

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: How To Improve Your Writing.

Because most negative thoughts concern the past or the future, the author Mark Twain said “I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” 

That could have come from a natural human ability to catastrophize which means worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all.  Worry, by its very nature, means thinking about the future and what may or may not happen.

On the flip side of worrying is ruminating, thinking bleakly about events in the past.

You have the opportunity to take these two skills that are part of your everyday life and expand upon them to create some very convincing stories using the what if model in the story process.  You can use these skills to the extreme or just to add some spice to your story line for your fiction characters.

That will leave you more able to remain in the present in your life savoring the things that you are experiencing and being able to do that  without distraction.  This is a space that will increase your happiness significantly as you are not able to add things that are not there and can give your full attention to what is there.  That can change if need be to allow you to enjoy in the present more joy, happiness and other positive emotions which can also then be added to your story lines.

Using these techniques can quickly increase your writing skills and let you add to your story lines in a more believable way.