Reasons To Write

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Make Money With Your Writing.

For my blog visitors, I hope all is well.  As an author and publisher, I believe writers have an opportunity to preserve their thoughts, experiences, creativity and expertise in print, as well as other forms of media.  We all have a story to tell for others to receive encouragement, inspiration, education, entertainment, and more. 

Writing is a way the the author and the readers connect with each other over a message.  If an article, ebook or book’s message is strong enough and is shared by many, it can create change. 

For business people, it is a format that potential clients can take home with them, study, read, and learn from an expert. It can even be a way to prime a client before they embark on hiring you for your specialty.
If you are looking for a reason to write an article, ebook or book, those are really good reasons.  However, if you need another reason; according to the November 30, 2009 IBISWorld Industry Report, the Book Publishing Industry is a $25.7 billion dollar industry. 
There are thousands of new books released each year from small to large publishing houses.  If you choose to write, you will have access to a part of that $25.7 billion dollars when you write, promote and sell your written work.

All very good reasons for you to think about what you might be able to share with prospective readers.