Seeing Your Writing From Fresh Eyes

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Increase confidence in your writing skills.

In order to be effective as a writer, it is important occasionally to have new people review your work and give you input with fresh eyes. Are you able to communicate effectively to your reader the topic or information you are writing about? Having someone else review your work is called editing.

One of the resources I recommend is an ebook by Audrey Owen who is someone who has been an editor for a number of years. With her system of editing your writing she can show you how to edit your own work, give you common mistakes that writers make and how to correct them and how to prepare your work to submit to a publisher if you choose to do that. This resource is absolutely invaluable to you to help you see your work with fresh eyes so you can get your topic or information presented clearly to your future reader. Use her knowledge to accelerate your writing ability.

Resource available here: