Step 11 To Becoming An Author

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Best Selling Author, Getting Your Book Published, Make Money With Your Writing.

11. Not having a website.

When someone asks me if all authors should have a website, I respond: does your book need a cover?

Every author should have a website and when possible get a domain name of your title so it can be a direct match to the content you are delivering in hard copy or online. It is the best way to build credibility online and it is a 24/7 sales tool for you.

In addition to building your credibility, you can have an ebook of your manuscript that can be delivered after you receive payment for the book. The person making the purchase can have access to your book immediately which many readers like.

You can also allow them to order a hard copy for those readers who prefer to hold a real book while they are reading it. Set up a way for the shipping to be added to the price and send the book to their address when the payment is completed or have a fulfillment house do the shipping for you.

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