Step 3 To Becoming An Author

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Best Selling Author, Getting Your Book Published, Make Money With Your Writing.

3. Not getting to know others in their market.

Who else is writing about your topic? If you’re not sure, then you should do your research.

Getting to know your fellow genre authors is not only important, but it can really help you with your marketing. How? Because most readers don’t just buy one self-help book, or one dating book, they will generally buy in multiples.

So getting to know others within your market can not only help you market your book, but it could also help you connect with fellow authors.

Who else might be looking for information about your topic?

Do research in the search engines and see what is coming up when you type in different words or phrases that describe your topic. There may be things that you find that you want to add more information about in your book.

Google keyword tool will also give you how many people are typing in the words or phrases that are what are most often used that describe your topic. It will let you know how many people might be looking for your new writing.

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