Step 5 To Becoming An Author

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Best Selling Author, Getting Your Book Published, Make Money With Your Writing.

5. Thinking bookstores don’t matter.

While it’s nice to think that most of us do our shopping online and via Amazon, bookstores (especially local stores) can really help or hurt your marketing efforts. If your book isn’t going into bookstores, then you’ll want to get to know your local area stores to see if you can present your book to them for consideration and/or do an event in their store.

Having a local presence in bookstores is important, especially if you are doing local events and local media. If the bookstore doesn’t stock the book, then make sure at the very least that your book can be ordered.

You don’t want people walking into your neighborhood store and being told “Sorry, we can’t get that book.”

This is where the 100 print on demand copies can really work for your marketing and if the local bookstore sees that you are getting a following they may re-consider carrying your book.

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