Step 6 To Becoming An Author

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Best Selling Author, Getting Your Book Published, Make Money With Your Writing.

6. Printing too many copies.

In the event you decide not to do the print on demand route or get a small number of books printed with your print on demand source, there are several things to consider. If your research is giving you a clear direction that your topic is in demand and you are confident that you will sell or you have local bookstores that will purchase copies from you then look into having more copies printed.

In order to get large printing discounts, authors will often print huge numbers of their books. I’ve seen ranges from 10,000 on up. Generally I recommend a run of no more than 2,000 for your first run.

If you get a good response and you decide to do another print order you can increase the number for the second printing run. Before you do, you may want to make changes to the book, possibly adding new testimonials, endorsements, and reviews. Monitor the comments you have heard from your readers on the first run editions and adjust or add content if you feel it would increase the value to your readers.

Use wisdom when you are ordering large quantities so you don’t get over stocked with your book(s), you have better things to do with your marketing dollars than spend them on storage space.