Stretch Yourself as a Creative Writer

by Marjorie J ~ . Filed under: Where to Get New Story Ideas.

Being a good writer means that you can take just a few stories and turn them into many stories just by changing the way you write about the subject matter.  What you add or subtract from the content you have in front of you to give it a new twist. 

Change a story you have already written and see if you can add drama to the story you have or perhaps you can turn it into a comedy or a play that a local theater group might consider adding to their offerings.

It’s all about the combination of the events that happened and how you as the writer put them together in your story line and time line of events.  For example: If you have ever gone to an airport for a flight and found you took longer to go through the security than you expected and then had to run to get to the gate so you did not miss the boarding for the flight.  You have two choices immediately: do you want to go the drama version or the comedy version.  You could try both and see which one you have the most fun with and use that to help you continue to develop that type of writing.

It’s all in the approach you take with the topic.  This type of writing stretches you to think about how to put the information and events into your story in such a way as to get the two different results.  You can always use the twists to develop your writing resources so you can see things from several perspectives.