Write About Memory Flashbacks

I recently went for a walk in the new area where I live to see some of the sights that were near my new home. Coming to a field of grass and clover, I had a flashback to lying in a field next to my childhood home. It was a beautiful summer day and I […]

Writing About Your Summer Activities

Summer is busy with all kinds of activities. A good source for writing about the activity or your enjoyment of the activity. If you are active in a sport, you could write about the history of the sport, how it has changed over the years, why you enjoy it, about the other fans of the […]

Writing With Fresh Eyes

When you think about a topic that you usually write about, try to present it from a different angle so you can give it a fresh approach. You will discover new things about the topic that you have missed out on because of being familiar with your old way of communicating about the subject. It […]

Topics To Write About

As you look around you, there are unlimited topics to write about that are just waiting for your opinion to be expressed. Over the past few days it seems like more ideas and things to write about came as a result of watching movies and relaxing.  That is because when you relax, it gives the […]

5 Ways To Be Creative When You Think You Can’t Be Creative

We’ve all experienced times when we feel we’re all washed up and dried out of new ideas and pushed face first against an impenetrable wall, whether this lasts for a few moments, or a few weeks, or even longer. image: suburbanslice There are many practices we can put in place to ensure that these kinds […]

How to Have Endless Creative Ideas Using an Ideas Journal

Every creative project and every invention ever brought into being began with a single idea. Without ideas we have no raw material to work with, no starting point, and no hope of being creative. By using an Ideas Journal you can help yourself have a steady stream of new creative ideas, and the more you […]

7 Ways to Have More Creative Ideas Than You Thought Possible

Anyone who creates needs a steady influx of new ideas. Everything every created, everything ever invented, began with a tiny gem of an idea in someone’s mind. Every single one began the same way. So it follows that if we don’t have any ideas to work with, we’re not going to be able to create […]

Creative Writing- 5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Self-Confidence In Creative Writing

Creative Writing is something that everyone is capable of. And we can all improve our creative writing – and our enjoyment of it – in a great number of ways. One of the key factors to writing creatively and freely is confidence. It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a writer, if you lack […]

Rip Off Your Ragged Old Labels And Run Free

image: cynical pink Labels can be so useful. When you go and buy your food and groceries, you can pick out what you need easily by what’s on the label. Imagine going into the canned vegetables aisle of your local supermarket, and none of the tins having any labels. There are just shelves and shelves […]

When Did Writing Become Hard To Do?

When we go through more challenging and difficult times with our writing – those times when we find ourselves stuck, blocked, out of ideas – “fun” and “enjoyable” are some of the last words that come to mind to describe what we’re experiencing. So here are 5 of the most common reasons why we lose […]