Quickly Increasing Your Writing Skills

Because most negative thoughts concern the past or the future, the author Mark Twain said “I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”  That could have come from a natural human ability to catastrophize which means worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all.  Worry, […]

Write About Whose Side You Are On

There are two sides to every story so in order for you to give the most to your reader explore both sides to the experiences you are sharing. Let your reader choose the side they want to be on.  We can only give the information and then take a hands off approach.  Your reader will […]

Writing With a Creative Twist

Many times writing takes a creative and unexpected twist.  These skills allow us to stay interested and wanting to find out what happens next.  Watch everyday and see where in life things happened that were unexpected.  You can gather information from news stories, tv programs, conversations, books and magazines.  Just be alert and you can […]