Write About How You Will Spend The Thanksgiving Holiday

What is Thanksgiving… Thanksgiving means many different things to many different people. For some it is a time to reach out to ones that don’t have or aren’t able to visit with their family. For others, it is a time of service, giving time at a homeless shelter or helping an elderly neighbor. I think […]

Writing Opportunities

There are so many places looking for someone to write something for them. Schools, local charities, theaters to name a few. Online magazines, newsletters and special reports. Writing short paragraphs will also allow you to make money again while you are practicing. Do you have 5 minutes? Most businesses could use a hand with writing […]

Reasons To Write

The air is cooler the light is golden school has started time for Fall wonderful memories waiting to be created and remembered Time to get your writing instruments ready to go and start recording all of the happenings around you. There are so many things going on that it would be very difficult not to […]

Write About Memory Flashbacks

I recently went for a walk in the new area where I live to see some of the sights that were near my new home. Coming to a field of grass and clover, I had a flashback to lying in a field next to my childhood home. It was a beautiful summer day and I […]

Write About How You Celebrate Your Holidays

Just a few days ago the USA celebrated the fourth of July which is their independence day celebration. Oh, the picnics, concerts and fireworks that were on the schedule. Lots of good material to write about: from family traditions to favorite outings to favorite foods. I remember hearing that the hot dog eating champion won […]

Write About How You See Life

Each person has a different perspective about life and makes decisions about how happy they are based on those perceptions and decisions. Find a subject or topic you like and write a short article about why your view of the world is the one everyone should follow. This type of writing will give you a […]

Unexpected Twists In Writing

One of the ways to keep the interest of the reader is to add unexpected twists to your story line. it is like the cliff hanger at the end of a tv series that makes you curious enough about what the new season will bring that you look forward to seeing the season premier. Think […]

Topics To Write About

As you look around you, there are unlimited topics to write about that are just waiting for your opinion to be expressed. Over the past few days it seems like more ideas and things to write about came as a result of watching movies and relaxing.  That is because when you relax, it gives the […]

Write About The World Around You

In a conversation with someone I just met, we were talking about all of the changes that had taken place in the world around us over the past few years and how we needed to update and adjust so the information we were using was current. It would be fun to take a topic and […]

Writing Translation

If you are from a country where English is not your primary language consider writing in your native language and using the Google translation tool to translate what you have written into English.  Not only will it be a teaching tool for you, but you will find that you can communicate your ideas to those […]