Writing-Try Another Ending

This is a sample of one of the exercises to help you find the type of writing you like ex: do you like drama, comedy and/or another type. You can find more exercises to help you  at http://www.freecreativewritingstrategies.com in determining your favorite writing type and how to become more creative doing that type of writing. […]

5 Ways To Be Creative When You Think You Can’t Be Creative

We’ve all experienced times when we feel we’re all washed up and dried out of new ideas and pushed face first against an impenetrable wall, whether this lasts for a few moments, or a few weeks, or even longer. image: suburbanslice There are many practices we can put in place to ensure that these kinds […]

How to Have Endless Creative Ideas Using an Ideas Journal

Every creative project and every invention ever brought into being began with a single idea. Without ideas we have no raw material to work with, no starting point, and no hope of being creative. By using an Ideas Journal you can help yourself have a steady stream of new creative ideas, and the more you […]

7 Ways to Have More Creative Ideas Than You Thought Possible

Anyone who creates needs a steady influx of new ideas. Everything every created, everything ever invented, began with a tiny gem of an idea in someone’s mind. Every single one began the same way. So it follows that if we don’t have any ideas to work with, we’re not going to be able to create […]

Creative Ideas – How to Encourage Your Creative Ideas to Come Out and Party All Night!

Do you struggle to have enough good creative ideas? The trouble with creative ideas is they’re often a little shy. And a little nervous. They need coaxing and encouraging, and don’t tend to rush up in a clown costume with blaring trumpets going “LA LA LA we’re heee-errrre!” to any party they’re invited (or not […]

Creative Writing- 5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Self-Confidence In Creative Writing

Creative Writing is something that everyone is capable of. And we can all improve our creative writing – and our enjoyment of it – in a great number of ways. One of the key factors to writing creatively and freely is confidence. It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a writer, if you lack […]

Writing Word Play

I’ve always had a lot of fun with writing, word play, puns, and that sort of thing. They just amuse me. The benefit is that these word games are a great way to increase your language skills and become a better writer. Start with word puns, acronyms and synonyms. Just have fun. I actually am […]

Awesome Tips For Creative Writing

In this world of slander, liable and blacklist, there is little span for creativity, writing robotically is not an efficient way to allure the readers and retain their interest. Creative writing is the powerful tool that is used to express feelings and thoughts of a person in imaginative and poetic way rather than to covey […]

Creative Writing – Are You Born A Creative Writer Or Can It Be Learnt?

Is creative writing something we can learn and develop? Or are we simply stuck with a fixed amount of creative writing talent we’re born with? Why do some people seem to find it easy to write pages and pages of wonderful flowing creative writing? While others gaze on eternally frustrated that they will never be […]

Creative Writing – It’s All About Experience!

For all those of you who think that writing is not your cup of tea, here’s an opportunity for you to question that statement. Creative writing is not just about the mind, it is something that comes from the heart as well. When you narrate stories that get people’s ears glued to them, these are […]