Stories From Your Childhood

What was you favorite bedtime story? What about it was appealing to you? Could you use it as an example and write a story that might appeal to a child you might know today? Now if you do not have any children in your life-borrow one from a family member or neighbor. Not literally, but […]

Write About “My Car Needs What?”

As you have had your car serviced you may have had the person at the service desk come to you and tell you that your car needed ____________repairs and your cost to have this done would be___________. Sometimes they tell you that the repair needs to be done immediately or_______. Write a short story about […]

Write About Situations You Encounter In Your Life

Occasionally there are things that happen in life that seem unfair and very underhanded. You can take those events and use them in your stories to enhance what you are having your characters experience. This will make your story more believable and many people will be able to connect with your character(s) and what they […]

Rip Off Your Ragged Old Labels And Run Free

image: cynical pink Labels can be so useful. When you go and buy your food and groceries, you can pick out what you need easily by what’s on the label. Imagine going into the canned vegetables aisle of your local supermarket, and none of the tins having any labels. There are just shelves and shelves […]

Writing News Flash

Everyone thinks that their problems are unique. They take them in, internalize them and fester on them. They must be unique because if they weren’t they could just find out what someone else did to fix it and do that. As we grow up we are programmed not to talk about our problems and hence […]

When You Write-Keep It Real

In the end, making claims or bragging about accomplishments are only as good as the reality of them and not the perceptions you have which negatively affect your friends, family or customers. The small details can matter and make the difference of whether people will by your products or services or read your books or […]

Using Both Sides Of The Brain To Write

When you are writing it is important to use both sides of the brain.  Getting the creative idea and then using the logic side of the brain to explain the details of the story can make your stories more believable and more engaging to the reader. Lean too far to the right and creative side […]

Write About Whose Side You Are On

There are two sides to every story so in order for you to give the most to your reader explore both sides to the experiences you are sharing. Let your reader choose the side they want to be on.  We can only give the information and then take a hands off approach.  Your reader will […]

Write So Others Want To Read Your Stories

Writing in an engaging manner so others can feel like they are right there with you having the same experience is a special skill that every author who is serious about their writing aspires to achieve.  So how do you do that? First you tell your story from your experience and knowledge.  Be believable. If […]

Wow, What An Amazing Story

Have you ever heard a story and something about it made you question and you immediately said to yourself “hmmm, I wonder if that is really true”?  We have flags that go up when the information presented does not seem to go together or the details are so far fetched that for sure you know […]