How To Create For A Whole Day In Two Hours Or Less

Though many of us complain we don’t have enough time to create, the reality is, if you were given a whole day free, or even half a day, would you actually spend it in a full flow non stop gushing outpouring of creativity? Or would you have to first make sure you were up to […]

Creative Writing- 5 Powerful Tips To Increase Your Self-Confidence In Creative Writing

Creative Writing is something that everyone is capable of. And we can all improve our creative writing – and our enjoyment of it – in a great number of ways. One of the key factors to writing creatively and freely is confidence. It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a writer, if you lack […]

Creative Writing-How To Improve Quickly

When you think about a topic you want to write about, occasionally your mind can go into high gear with thoughts related to that topic.  When you get the first thought, jot it down and set that paper aside.  Repeat that process for each thought you get about the topic.  When you actually have time […]