Writing Resolution

Ok, now you have had a bit of a break for the holidays and it is time to think about your resolutions for next year. There are certain items in your writing toolbox that are the basics you need to have to build on so you can communicate to your reader and be believable. What […]

Step 11 To Becoming An Author

11. Not having a website. When someone asks me if all authors should have a website, I respond: does your book need a cover? Every author should have a website and when possible get a domain name of your title so it can be a direct match to the content you are delivering in hard […]

Step 6 To Becoming An Author

6. Printing too many copies. In the event you decide not to do the print on demand route or get a small number of books printed with your print on demand source, there are several things to consider. If your research is giving you a clear direction that your topic is in demand and you […]

Becoming A Writer

This process is not unlike becoming a butterfly.  The caterpillar transforms in the cacoon. The time it takes to develop can be from a few weeks up to several years. When the time is right the butterfly emerges.  When a new author, performer or a star arrives in the public awareness they are referred to as an […]