Writing To Capture Your Reader’s Attention

On the Internet the audience can move away from your words with a click of the button so you need to be focused and on target. You can’t take time for a slow buildup or meandering discussion. If you (the writer) do not seem to be delivering the goods then the reader will simply move […]

What Was That Word You Wrote?

Many words do not sound like they are written.  If you put the phonetic spelling as well as the word it will help your reader follow your story line. Ex: Challis  (shall lee) Plisse  (pla say) are 2 types of Fabrics. Someone who sews would probably know how to say the word, but not always. […]

Creative Writing Journal – How Can A Creative Writing Journal Help My Creative Writing?

Do you wish you could have more creative writing ideas? Would you love to be able to write more easily, more abundantly, more deeply? The best way of being able to do this is by using a creative writing journal. A creative writing journal is simply a portable notebook or sketchbook you keep with you […]

Creative Writing Exercises & Creative Writing Prompts – What They DON’T Give You And How To Get It

Even the most experienced and seasoned creative writer can benefit from creative writing exercises and prompts. The key to continuing to grow and develop as a creative writer is to keep experimenting, trying new techniques, ideas and exercises to challenge yourself. Using a variety of different approaches and starting points in your creative writing will […]

Writing Resources

I have gathered many excellent resources for you to help you improve your writing skills and just have more confidence as well as fun sharing. Most of the time my experience is that these are the tools that new and seasoned writers need to increase the enjoyment of writing. If you are seeing them for […]

Write About The Most Memorable Gift

We all have gotten some memorable gifts over the years, some we would rather not remember and some we value  the memory of even if it is many years after receiving it.  It could be the person or people who gave it to us as well as the gift itself. Select a gift and the time […]

What Are Options For Your Writing

Ebooks are one of the ways you can add  into your strategy to share your work with others.  Electronic publishing is easy to do and your reader can just download the file so they have instant access to your work. (After they pay, of course) In addition you can self publish a small quantity of […]

When It Comes To Proofreading Your Writing

Make your writing clearer, more concise, and more powerful. When it’s time to proofread, RightWriter is your best friend. It finds doubled words, punctuation errors, capitalization mistakes, missed quotation marks, and other mechanical errors, all without you having to read anything. Spell checkers and even the built in Microsoft Word Grammar Checker do not catch […]

Be An Effective Communicator

101 Ways To Power-Up Your Writing. Writing Tips And Advice From A Fortune 500 Writer. Prevent These Embarrassing Mistakes In English. Write With Power And Impact. Be An Effective Communicator And Achieve More In Life Through The Power Of Clear Communication Click Here!

Creative Writing Is Like Going To A Buffet

Have you ever been to a food buffet?  Usually the choices are amazing if you go to a good location.  It can be challenging to decide which choice of foods you want.  Well, creative writing is a very similar situation.  There are so many choices of topics that can be written about it can be […]