Writing Can Equal Remembering

Whenever you are going through old stored things that you haven’t seen for awhile you find written items. It can be  correspondence in the form of old letters, job reviews, invitations, newspaper or magazine articles or a variety of other documentation. Some of these items can bring back many memories both good and bad.  You might not want […]

Improve Writing By Using Your Analytical Skills

Writing is best done when using the right brain skills to communicate your idea.  Editing and tweaking are done by using the analytical skills of your left brain. In writing you need to use both sides of the brain and know when you are using right skills and when you are using left skills. Before […]

I’ll Start Writing When I Get Around To It

Years ago we used to have coin shaped wooden pieces that had tuit written on one side.  They were for those people who always said I’ll do ___ when I get around to it. Are you saying that to yourself about any thing you are wanting to do but just have not worked into your schedule yet? Consider […]

Writing-The Ultimate Way To Share With Many Others

I discovered something very interesting yesterday when I was taking a class.  I really enjoy learning and then sharing that experience of what I learned with others.  The way I can do that is to write about what I learned, how it made me feel and how empowered I was as a result of  learning.  […]

Writing About Your Approach To A Topic

Everyone has a different way to write based on personal experience and topic preference.  That is why you see so many subjects that have books written about them from a variety of authors.  It is important to be true to your writing skills and cover the topic from your experience and expertise.  Your reader that […]

Using Events To Kick Start Your Writing

March is Women’s History Month in the Unites States.  It is a time for celebrating women’s heritage and inspiring stories.  Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes and keeping family treasures safe. Using that as your theme,  even you men, can […]

Writing About Amazing Experiences

Today I saw some absolutely beautiful scenery as I was visiting in a near by state to where I live. It was one of those a picture is worth a 1000 words kind of experience.  However, it occured to me that it would be a great writing exercise to explain what I saw and felt […]