Writing With Fresh Eyes

When you think about a topic that you usually write about, try to present it from a different angle so you can give it a fresh approach. You will discover new things about the topic that you have missed out on because of being familiar with your old way of communicating about the subject. It […]

Creative Writing- 3 Key Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Creative Writing Potential

A great number of us have creative writing talents far greater than we realise. But despite this, most of us simply aren’t writing creatively anywhere near as well, as much, or as often as we could be. Why is this? Surely if we truly want to write creatively it’ll just naturally flow? There are many […]

Writing Resources

I have searched for tools to help you get started and finish your writing projects so you can be paid for your work. That is in addition to the satisfaction you receive when you see your work in print. Now I am putting them in one place so you can find them easily. See the […]

Creative Writing Journal – How Can A Creative Writing Journal Help My Creative Writing?

Do you wish you could have more creative writing ideas? Would you love to be able to write more easily, more abundantly, more deeply? The best way of being able to do this is by using a creative writing journal. A creative writing journal is simply a portable notebook or sketchbook you keep with you […]

You Have Got To Get Off Your Duff And Start Writing

You have been saying for a long time that you want to write.  Get going!!!  If you are on overwhelm there are a gazillion resources that I have provided for you. If you are not using any of them shame on you.  You either are going to write or you are not.  If you do […]

Seeing Your Writing From Fresh Eyes

In order to be effective as a writer, it is important occasionally to have new people review your work and give you input with fresh eyes. Are you able to communicate effectively to your reader the topic or information you are writing about? Having someone else review your work is called editing. One of the […]

Try This Creative Writing Tool-Start Your Story From The End

When you have read a great story have you noticed that everything comes together at the end?  The plot makes sense, the story is pulled together and all of the parts added to the end result. Taking all of the parts I have encouraged you to put into your file and save for story material, […]

Writers Choose Their Words

Writing is about choices in the words we use or leave out as the story or event unfolds.  You can choose your ideas and what combination of words you will persue with your written communication.  That is what makes it so much fun. Words are descriptive in the way they convey the information so the […]