The Insider’s Guide To Writing A Book

There are so many strategies for writing ebooks and books that you just have to sort through and find the one that is a match for your writing style.  The most important thing is that you begin. If you have been considering doing a book of any type now is the time for you to […]

Write Once-Get Paid Over And Over

Many people I talk to…tell me if they could have one financial wish…it would be to become financially free… To create multiple streams of passive income that would make them “set for life.”   As a writer every written work you get paid to write or are selling yourself off line as well as online can […]

The Value Of Good Grammar

Grammarians celebrate! Some fun tips to help you with your writing. Today is National Grammar Day. More than just a silly holiday, Grammar Day serves as a good reminder to communicate clearly, using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. How you write and speak is a reflection of who you are, and giving a presentation riddled […]

Writing Using A System

If you want to write but you do not know how or where to begin you need a system.  Otherwise you might get easily bogged down which leads to procrastination, anxiety and misery.  Under those circumstances it is hard to get motivated and giving up seems much easier to do.  If you have started to write […]

Creative Writing Strategies Exercise Workbook

I am so excited about offering my complete series of creative writing exercises to help people zero in on the type of writing they want to do and to begin to write better in that area.  You can get your own copy.  Click here to get started:

Writing-Are You Wearing Out Your Eraser?

When writing, it becomes apparent when we are going through a challenge putting the words on paper.  Before desktop publishing, word processing programs and spell checkers many times it was the eraser that got the most action.  Or you might have been around someone who cut paragraphs apart to rearrange them.  The action you may […]

Creating Action Interest In Your Writing

Creating interest and action in your writing is easily done with using action verbs to keep the story moving.  It makes the reader and prospective reader want to go on to the next paragraph or chapter.  They are curious about what will happen next in your story. Action verbs are time telling verbs.  They can […]

When Was The Last Time You Said “I never thought about it that way”?

The opinions of others sometimes sparks in us “I never thought about it that way”.  When you can look at what you have written or what others have written in an objective manner it will really help you grow as an author.  Lots of opinions are available for you to consider.  Choose one that you […]