Writing Is A Form Of Talking

Writing is just another form of talking.  Having a conversation on paper is something we are familiar with because we have seen books and magazines.  You can start your own conversation on paper with ease by pretending to tell your story as if the reader was in your presence as you are writing.  The only […]

Writing About Your Summer Activities

Summer is busy with all kinds of activities. A good source for writing about the activity or your enjoyment of the activity. If you are active in a sport, you could write about the history of the sport, how it has changed over the years, why you enjoy it, about the other fans of the […]

Write About “My Car Needs What?”

As you have had your car serviced you may have had the person at the service desk come to you and tell you that your car needed ____________repairs and your cost to have this done would be___________. Sometimes they tell you that the repair needs to be done immediately or_______. Write a short story about […]

Creative Ideas – How to Encourage Your Creative Ideas to Come Out and Party All Night!

Do you struggle to have enough good creative ideas? The trouble with creative ideas is they’re often a little shy. And a little nervous. They need coaxing and encouraging, and don’t tend to rush up in a clown costume with blaring trumpets going “LA LA LA we’re heee-errrre!” to any party they’re invited (or not […]

Creative Writing- 3 Key Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Creative Writing Potential

A great number of us have creative writing talents far greater than we realise. But despite this, most of us simply aren’t writing creatively anywhere near as well, as much, or as often as we could be. Why is this? Surely if we truly want to write creatively it’ll just naturally flow? There are many […]

The Joy Of Reading

I have always enjoyed reading.  There is so much to choose from out of the topics that I commonly want to add more to my knowledge base about. I really like the diversity of the approach to the information and frequently find that I can improve my use of the topic information by adding sometimes […]

Moving Adventures

Last fall I was notified that I had to move both my business and home so the complex I was in could renovate.  Not much time to sort and go through the things I had accumulated over the time I had been there so it was off to find a new location and begin the […]

Is Perfectionism Keeping You From Writing?

If you are continuing to talk about writing a book, it’s time for you to stop talking and start doing. I’ll give you an outline of how I work with my clients. I have my client commit to a date 4 weeks from today (yes, I actually have them pull out their calendar and select […]

Writers Choose Their Words

Writing is about choices in the words we use or leave out as the story or event unfolds.  You can choose your ideas and what combination of words you will persue with your written communication.  That is what makes it so much fun. Words are descriptive in the way they convey the information so the […]