Writing Is A Form Of Talking

Writing is just another form of talking.  Having a conversation on paper is something we are familiar with because we have seen books and magazines.  You can start your own conversation on paper with ease by pretending to tell your story as if the reader was in your presence as you are writing.  The only […]

Ideas To Write About Are Everywhere

Anyone who creates needs a steady influx of new ideas. Everything every created, everything ever invented, began with a tiny gem of an idea in someone’s mind. Every single one began the same way. So it follows that if we don’t have any ideas to work with, we’re not going to be able to create […]

Writing-How And Where To Start

I would like to THANK YOU for your interest in finding ways to begin to write… In my Accelerated Creative Writing System I teach several ways to help you accelerate your search for what type of writing you prefer and helping you get started.  You see, when it comes to writing, it is all about […]

The Value Of Good Grammar

Grammarians celebrate! Some fun tips to help you with your writing. Today is National Grammar Day. More than just a silly holiday, Grammar Day serves as a good reminder to communicate clearly, using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. How you write and speak is a reflection of who you are, and giving a presentation riddled […]

Number One Writing Tip-Learn To Write When You Are Excited!

How cool is this to get such a nice compliment on my article The best writing advice ever told is writing about what you know. Yes, the best advice is writing what you are passionate about, you know, what really excites you. I hate to write when I am bored. I know or suspect the […]

Getting Your Point Across When You Write

What is the action you want your reader to take after reading what you have presented to them in your writing?  What additional information about that topic would support the action and then create the response of the reader taking that action? Sort for the exact explaination about the topic that will present the information in as clear a manner as is […]

Creative Writing-How To Improve Quickly

When you think about a topic you want to write about, occasionally your mind can go into high gear with thoughts related to that topic.  When you get the first thought, jot it down and set that paper aside.  Repeat that process for each thought you get about the topic.  When you actually have time […]