Creative Writing – What Happened To The Fun? 5 Ways To Start Enjoying Your Creative Writing Again

Creative writing gives many different benefits and pleasures to many different people. We don’t all write for the same reasons, we each have our deeper values and motives for why we write. However, there ARE common motivations that all of us who write creatively share. One of these is simply because it’s enjoyable. It helps […]

Creative Writing Strategies Exercise Workbook

I am so excited about offering my complete series of creative writing exercises to help people zero in on the type of writing they want to do and to begin to write better in that area.  You can get your own copy.  Click here to get started:

Discover Your Writing Gifts

Each of us has the gift of writing because writing is, after all, telling our stories on paper instead of verbally.  We try to make it much harder than it really is by putting the smoke screen out there that someone might not like what we said on paper and if that happened, how could […]