Start Your Writing Project NOW

Capture first, edit later. If you spend ages in the pre-planning and trying to set up perfect conditions before your start a writing project, it’s less and less likely you will be able to create freely and without over thinking everything. Over thinking will get you into all of those old patterns of who do […]

Creative Writing Strategies Exercise Workbook

I am so excited about offering my complete series of creative writing exercises to help people zero in on the type of writing they want to do and to begin to write better in that area.  You can get your own copy.  Click here to get started:

Creative Writing-Top This Story

One of the ways to increase your creativity in writing is to begin with a story you are familiar with and have heard perhaps in your family.  At family gatherings, be alert to the stories that are being told and see if you can glean a plot for your next story by adding embellishments. Use the […]

Increasing Your Skill In Writing

When you are first starting to write, keep it simple and allow yourself to have immediate feedback that what you wrote was a success.  I’m defining success as you started to write about a topic and finished your train of thought about that topic in one session. You will keep writing when you let yourself grow […]