Creative Writing Twists Can Increase Your Writing Skills

  Occasionally there are things that happen in life that seem unfair and very underhanded. You can take those events and use them in your stories to enhance what you are having your characters experience. This will make your story more believable and many people will be able to connect with your character(s) and what […]

Creative Writing-Top This Story

One of the ways to increase your creativity in writing is to begin with a story you are familiar with and have heard perhaps in your family.  At family gatherings, be alert to the stories that are being told and see if you can glean a plot for your next story by adding embellishments. Use the […]

When Was The Last Time You Said “I never thought about it that way”?

The opinions of others sometimes sparks in us “I never thought about it that way”.  When you can look at what you have written or what others have written in an objective manner it will really help you grow as an author.  Lots of opinions are available for you to consider.  Choose one that you […]

Increasing Your Skill In Writing

When you are first starting to write, keep it simple and allow yourself to have immediate feedback that what you wrote was a success.  I’m defining success as you started to write about a topic and finished your train of thought about that topic in one session. You will keep writing when you let yourself grow […]

You Are Already An Expert With Your Writing

  You are already an expert because you are the only one who has your insight about the subject you want to write about.  You are the only one who has had your experience. Start by getting a collection of ideas together that interest you.  Collect as much information as you need to give you […]

Learn and Use The Power of Words

In every language there are a basic number of words that are used to communicate with others.  In American English the basic word count is 7,615.  It could be fun for you to determine what that number is for your primary language.  So how did I get to 7,615 words?  Well, my mother was an […]