The Twelve Steps To Becoming An Author

Writing, publishing, promoting, publicizing. First you need to start out by doing the right things and knowing what can contribute to or set back your success. Keep in mind that while there is always a creative element, publishing requires a specific set of steps. It’s important to know your business to be successful. Consider these […]

Writing To Capture Your Reader’s Attention

On the Internet the audience can move away from your words with a click of the button so you need to be focused and on target. You can’t take time for a slow buildup or meandering discussion. If you (the writer) do not seem to be delivering the goods then the reader will simply move […]

Writing Resources

I have searched for tools to help you get started and finish your writing projects so you can be paid for your work. That is in addition to the satisfaction you receive when you see your work in print. Now I am putting them in one place so you can find them easily. See the […]

Reasons To Write

For my blog visitors, I hope all is well.  As an author and publisher, I believe writers have an opportunity to preserve their thoughts, experiences, creativity and expertise in print, as well as other forms of media.  We all have a story to tell for others to receive encouragement, inspiration, education, entertainment, and more.  Writing is […]

Writing Dreams Can Be Fulfilled

As each new Olympic record is broken, we are amazed at how humans can possibly reach higher achievements … faster trials … longer endurance. All that is required to achieve success is desire and dedication. Just as the Olympic athletes strive to set new records, by diligently and joyously applying yourself, you will watch your dreams and aspirations […]

Be A Best Selling Author

Is being a best selling author a secret desire of yours?  It is so simple if you just know the right steps to take. Within the next few weeks I will be looking for 15 people who want my help in accomplishing that goal.  Check back with me frequently to find out how you apply.

Another Book Off To The Publisher

When you are writing online your format is different than when you are having a book published off line whether that is self publishing or having a publisher doing that for you. Most people use Microsoft Word to write documents and the default page size is the 8 1/2 X 11.  If you also want […]

Connecting With Your Inner Author

Learning how to tap into your inner author is a skill that is easy to learn.  I’m Marjorie J McDonald and I teach people just like you how to write the articles, book(s) and ebooks you have always wanted to write and do that in the language patterns and levels that your reader can easily and […]