Creative Writing Ideas Are Everywhere

This time of the year creative writing ideas are everywhere. From  cooking highs and lows to shopping adventures to visits with friends and family to touching stories you either remember or can see happening in the world around you. No limits here to things to write about so get those pencils sharpened-do finger exercises so […]

Write About How You Will Spend The Thanksgiving Holiday

What is Thanksgiving… Thanksgiving means many different things to many different people. For some it is a time to reach out to ones that don’t have or aren’t able to visit with their family. For others, it is a time of service, giving time at a homeless shelter or helping an elderly neighbor. I think […]

Write From Your Core

Live and write from your sweet spot: the place where your core values intersect with your core talents + life experiences. Experience greater fulfillment by discovering your writing purpose. By that I mean what you want to share with others. Books like Chicken Soup For The Soul and magazines like Reader’s Digest and Guideposts are […]

Joy Of Writing

There is a joy in writing about things that are going on in your life or in the lives of others.  It is all about the sharing.  Think of the feeling you get when you get a card, a letter, an email or hand written note shared across coffee, lunch, dinner or even across time. […]

Writing Can Improve Your Memory

Every time you reconstruct a memory, reminisce or re-read a story you have written about an event you experienced, you are actually strengthening the neurological pathway for that memory.  This helps prevent it’s loss. “What we believe about ourselves is determined by what we remember about our pasts.”  Daniel L Schacter You can improve your […]

Let Writing Look Back Over The Holidays

Now that the holidays are past and we are beginning to get back to normal schedules is a great time to think about some of the events that you could use to tell some short stories. You could break down the categories into EX: travel, friends, events, experiences shopping or any others that apply to […]

Get Your Holidays Writing Ready

In your family, you have a collection of stories about your history and about the things that were important to you through the years.  This is a great time to begin to collect those stories as you are spending time together during the holiday season.  Gather, edit and put into a collection of your family […]

Writing About When You Came Back

If you have ever been through a situation when you were not sure you would make it through you have an amazing story to share with others when you do come through. Gather your different experiences, what you did, how you used what you had and what happened to move you over the tipping point […]

Writing To Preserve Your History

As we look around us, if we look closely,  it becomes apparent that things have changed over time. To look back in the history of our family or our country it becomes even more apparent how much change has occurred.  Some families have a person who keeps a formal record of the happenings in the […]

Using Events To Kick Start Your Writing

March is Women’s History Month in the Unites States.  It is a time for celebrating women’s heritage and inspiring stories.  Women have always had a role in keeping the history of their families and communities alive through storytelling, handing down recipes and keeping family treasures safe. Using that as your theme,  even you men, can […]