Step 8 To Becoming An Author

8. Not hiring a professional to do their book cover. One corner you shouldn’t cut is on your book cover. Your cover is important because it’s the first impression your audience has of your book. Don’t shortcut your success by creating a cover that doesn’t sell. Find a graphic designer that works in the publishing […]

Step 5 To Becoming An Author

5. Thinking bookstores don’t matter. While it’s nice to think that most of us do our shopping online and via Amazon, bookstores (especially local stores) can really help or hurt your marketing efforts. If your book isn’t going into bookstores, then you’ll want to get to know your local area stores to see if you […]

Step 2 To Becoming An Author

2. Not having enough money. I see it all the time; authors spend all their money on the book process (book cover, editing, printing.) and then don’t have enough for the marketing. That’s like opening up a store and not having money to stock it with inventory. Before you jump headlong into publishing a book, […]

Write From Your Core

Live and write from your sweet spot: the place where your core values intersect with your core talents + life experiences. Experience greater fulfillment by discovering your writing purpose. By that I mean what you want to share with others. Books like Chicken Soup For The Soul and magazines like Reader’s Digest and Guideposts are […]

Be A Best Selling Author

Is being a best selling author a secret desire of yours?  It is so simple if you just know the right steps to take. Within the next few weeks I will be looking for 15 people who want my help in accomplishing that goal.  Check back with me frequently to find out how you apply.

Another Book Off To The Publisher

When you are writing online your format is different than when you are having a book published off line whether that is self publishing or having a publisher doing that for you. Most people use Microsoft Word to write documents and the default page size is the 8 1/2 X 11.  If you also want […]

Story Writing Help

If you are still stuck and need a jump start on starting to write, here is an amazing tool that can help you get the pieces together so you can see how to move forward and get your writing going. It is easy and fun.  You see quick results and can experience the satisfaction of […]

Write So People Will Notice and Remember

Our lives are so diverse and we are so spread out in our interests.  We watch different channels, have different interests in what we read, what movies we see and what we eat.  When you want people to read what you have written and remember you as an author there are strategies you can use […]